Adventure Guide

2020 - CSUSB Recreation & Wellness

The Adventure Guide is a biannually published brochure used to promote the CSUSB Adventure Program's upcoming trips. Creating the Winter & Spring 2020 edition proved to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding projects I have worked on. The first problem to solve was creating a layout system for the large amount of text and information which could be adaptable to each page while retaining a consistent look throughout the whole booklet, that also presented the information in an easily legible and digestible way. The most time consuming challenge of the project was the process of sourcing suitable photography and editing it in order to meet my needs for each individual page. The photo editing process ranged from simple touch ups in Lightroom, to full blown manipulation in Photoshop, typically in order to extend a landscape photo vertically to fit the portrait orientation of the booklet. I decided to make the overall design very photo heavy to highlight the experiences and environments one would find themselves in if they participated in the program. Bold, vibrant colors and typography were used to contrast the more subdued photography and bring a level of fun and excitement to the overall feel of the booklet.

Being an Adventure leader myself for the majority of my time at CSUSB, this project was a great way to combine my love for the program and the outdoors with my love for design and art. While this booklet was part of my job, I still see it as a passion project and it was a privilege and pleasure to have the opportunity to design it.