Last Chance Dance

2021 - Freelance

Last Chance Dance is a prom night experience curated through nostalgic appreciation for the glitz and glamor of how the dance is portrayed in classic films. In designing the flyer, the client was looking for an identity that fit their "Celestial 70's" theme, included a level of feminine glamor, and included elements reminiscent of actual high school prom invitations. For my solution, I used the classic imagery of a woman's hand donning an elaborate corsage as the focal point of the flyer. The human hand as the centerpiece captures attention, intrigue, and literally reaches out and invites the viewer to the rest of the flyer. Both the corsage and the regal styled vanity containing it are the elements which most strongly convey the glamorous femininity the client envisioned. To accentuate a feeling of vintage glamor further, I used a simple color palette of a vivid pink/blue gradient over a dark gray, inspired by concert posters of the 70's. The typography is directly inspired from event flyers dating back to the 50's and 60's, featuring an elegant serif to complement the event's theme, as well as a simple utilitarian sans-serif to clearly display important information. To complete the flyer, I applied distress and a paper texture to add a sense of age to the look and feel.

Picnic at the Pool

2020 - CSUSB Recreation & Wellness

This event was crafted by the marketing team to offer a more laid-back and community oriented experience compared to our usual events which feature a more upbeat party-like atmosphere. Being that this would have been the inaugural year for this new event, the visual identity would provide an introduction and first impression to the campus community. While brainstorming the visual identity, my team and I decided that the design should highlight the event's focus on art and creativity while remaining fun and playful. For my solution, I took an illustrative approach to expressing the theme of the event. By containing the artwork into its own space taking up 3/4 of the page it becomes the focal point of the piece, while the title and information inhabiting their own separate space above compliments the illustration without sacrificing legibility. By utilizing a limited color palette, no single element of the illustration captures your immediate attention; instead it draws you in as a whole and rewards closer inspection and discovery of the individual elements representing the event.

Late Night

2020 - CSUSB Recreation & Wellness

Late Night is our yearly "back to school" event; it is the largest event held by our department and the second largest of the entire University. The theme of the event is voted upon yearly, with "Disco" being chosen for Fall 2020's iteration. With the theme decided, I had full creative freedom in how to represent it visually. Keeping my illustration composition relatively simple, I relied heavily on style and execution to bring the final piece to life. My color palette and gradients were pulled from various album covers and advertisements from the disco era. In order to capture a vintage illustration look, I created a set of brushes which would replicate the airbrushed illustration style popular in the 1970's/80's. and colored in the dominant shapes by hand. I made use of more contemporary typefaces to keep the final composition grounded in modern times; Late Night is a modern event celebrating vintage motifs and the visual identity should reflect that. While this design will not be able to be used this immediate year, I took great pleasure in experimenting and developing my knowledge of Photoshop in order to achieve my intended aesthetic and am proud to share the final result.